Detailing Services

Detailing Services

Our detailing is the performance of an extremely thorough cleaning, polishing and waxing of an automobile, both inside and out, to produce a show-quality level of detail. Besides improving appearance, detailing helps to preserve the resale value of a car by protecting all the surfaces of the vehicle with sealants and UV blockers. Our packages range from basic washing to deep cleaning and resurrecting your vehicle.

Power Washing

Power Washing

We use a hot water pressure washer to clean all types of concrete, stucco, brick, metal, wood, or any surface that can withstand hot, high pressurized steam & water. For specific pricing please call or get an estimate online.Let us come to your home or business to clean with high pressure hot water!

Signature Service

Signature Service

That’s right, you get the best of the best. Only the most experienced, trustworthy and meticulous (OCD?) make it through the ranks and are qualified to be “Joel’s Signature Service” detailers. Joel actually lets them detail his cars and if he trusts them, you can too. By appointment only.

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About Us

About Us

Family owned and operated since 1995, Joel's Mobile Auto Detailing has earned a solid reputation for providing customers with exceptional, reliable service.

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Awesome Company. Water Tec has used Joel’s Mobile Detailing since 2008 and it’s the best… They come right to you…beautify your personal car or work vehicle and come in to hand you the keys to your clean, shiny vehicle!!!!!!
Jennifer D.Water Tec
I used Joel’s Mobile several times over the years and also had both cars detailed – I was very happy with the work. Think Joel’s Mobile first. Also had a couple of power wash jobs – I would highly recommend Joel’s business to anyone.
Woody C.
My wife’s 2005 BMW convertible now looks like a 2011 thanks to the wonderful detailing work done by your company. She gets more compliments on the car than ever before and she takes much better care of the vehicle overall. The young man who did the work was courteous and efficient. My compliments for a job well done and at a reasonable price.
Howard L.

Recent Projects

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